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New A320 wheel aligner with advanced three-dimensional image capture technology. It is the fastest and most efficient solution on the market! Aligner composed by high-resolution digital cameras that measure the position and orientation of passive reflective panels placed on the wheel.
Six easy steps! In five minutes you get measurement results.
1 Search for vehicle specifications.
2 Place the reflective panels on the wheel.
3 Run out compensation by moving the vehicle only 30 cm.
4 View alignment results, operator decides if he should continue with vehicle adjustment.
5 Set dimensions of alignment parameters following the procedure recommended by the software.
6 Save and print vehicle alignment and customer data.
Flexible Vehicle alignment can be performed with lifts of any height.
Digital cameras can be moved vertically through a column in an easy way.
Compatible with any lift, even with 4 columns lift with a minimum distance of 2800 mm.
High-performance industrial PC, laser printer and 23" LCD/LED monitor (optional 28-32" LCD).
Reflective panels
Passive reflective panels do not require maintenance!
No electronic components nor batteries nor cables. Can be Adapted to any environmental condition. Do not require calibration.
Interaction panel: you are the remote control.
Advanced software recognizes fingers in a point on the reflective panels to perform remote operations.
In-Company software easy to learn and use.
Updated database with more than 7000 vehicles from all over the world which can be searched by make or model.
Alignment data parameters based on vehicle height and alignment conditions.
Caster angle correction can be displayed in real time avoiding repeated measurement procedures.
Unlimited customizable vehicles data and customer works can be stored.
Results can be printed showing previous alignment values and results.

With clamp composed by three points that applies pressure on the rim and is fixed on the tire easily. Designed for 12 "to 24" wheels.

  STANDARD VERSION:   1 Manual operated column with 2 cámeras and reflective target supports.
1 Industrial PC, laser printer and 23" LCD/LED monitor.
4 Reflective targets.
4 Wheel clamps (10”- 17”).
  2 Front turntables (750 kg).
2 Rear slip plates (750 kg).
1 Brake pedal depressors.
1 Steering wheel holders.

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